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Unfortunately and fortunately, not everyone can code like the master hackers of Google or Facebook. But Appcues is making it easier for non-coders to effectively manage their product’s user experience. Too often client facing personnel have to rely on developers to change the slightest aspect of marketing materials or a website. The product managers or salespeople often know the best way to position the product but do not have the technical skills to effectively convey this through code. To solve this problem, Appcues has developed a suite of experience patterns that can be easily customized to fit a variety of different customers’ needs.

How it Works

 Appcues is a SaaS platform that overlays existing app architecture to create customized and dynamic user experiences for onboarding and marketing. Appcues develops templates and patterns that create a “plug ‘n play” framework for companies. The service empowers product managers, salespeople, and marketers to make necessary adjustments to their materials. On the other end, companies save hours of development time from dedicated coders who can instead focus on core architecture. Anecdotally, one customer has said that what used to take a developer 1-2 hours can now be done by a product manager in 5-10 minutes.

I want it where can I get it?

Try it for free at www.appcues.com !

Let’s Talk Finance

Funded: Yes. Appcues has raised $1.4 million seed funding from Accomplice Ventures (formerly Atlas Ventures)

Raising Additional Money: Always interested in talking

Revenue: Appcues is revenue positive. Subscription model with tiered pricing based on users.

Potential Customers: Product managers, marketers, salespeople from a diverse set of industries. Almost every company from high tech to Thai takeout restaurants have an app that could be improved through more advanced or customizable UI (user interface).

Market Size: Difficult to quantify. This is one source so take it with a grain of salt, but anecdotally from above, companies can save 80% of tertiary development time. That could represent a very large opportunity in cost savings from customers.

Market Shift: Appcues allows us a glimpse into the future of programming. Smart templates that can be overlaid on existing architecture that combined create something more powerful. Manufacturers of computers or phones do not develop their own circuit boards or chips, but rather rely on 3rd parties. The magic of creation is combining existing ideas with something original or proprietary that together form something greater than the sum of the parts.

The Team

Appcues was founded by Jonathan Kim in 2013. He has a development as well as project management background, which makes him uniquely qualified to understand the two distinctly different business aspects and bridge them. Jonathan recognized there were very few tools for onboarding new users to a product and started Appcues to solve this problem. After an initial round of seed funding, the company has grown to 15 employees and hundreds of customers.

Looking to the Future

Appcues has recently retooled their back end, making the service that much more powerful. For the foreseeable future, the company will focus on developing additional UI patterns and blowing out their sales and marketing efforts. Their space is extremely hot in the VC world right now, with several of their competitors raising $20-50 million over several rounds.

For more information please visit the website at www.Appcues.com